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This is our current food and drink menu. Click on the image to open it PDF.

We have fresh, homemade udon noodles in many different varieties, in delicious broths, as curry, fried or even cold udon in summer.

In addition to numerous savory dishes, we have a selection of different vegan cakes and tarts every day and also japanese pastries on certain days.

Yaki Shiitake Udon is currently a fixed part of the menu.


Every Wednesday there is either Meron-pan or An-pan.Meron-panis a Japanese pastry made from yeast dough, coated in a crispy shortcrust pastry.

an-panis a sweet bun with anko filling. Anko is a sweet filling made from azuki beans.

Brand new at Nobiko:
Rice with salty pickled cherry plums and sesame:Myro-boshi
At Nobiko, we love ume-boshi. Ume-boshi are Japanese apricots pickled in salt and shiso leaves. So far we have always used ume-boshi imported from Japan for our dishes. But since we always like to do everything ourselves and want to use local ingredients if possible, we thought long and hard about pickling local apricot-like fruits in the same way.
After several attempts, we found out that cherry plums are particularly suitable. They have good acidity and a nice fruity aroma. In addition, they often grow wild in Germany and or in one or the other garden. That's why we harvested, pickled and dried a lot of cherry plums last summer. You can now order the result together with rice at Nobiko.

The cherry plum is also sometimes called myrobalane. From this we came up with a new artificial word for our creation. Namely Myro by Myrobalane and Boshi by Ume-Boshi: Myro-Boshi.


Recommendation for udon take-away

If you do not eat the udon noodles immediately after picking them up or if you have a longer way home, we would recommend packing the noodles and the soup separately from each other. The reason for this is that the noodles soften too quickly in the broth and, unfortunately, some of the quality is lost. However, if you take pasta and broth separately with you, you can reheat both at home and then have a quality that is almost as if you were to eat directly at Nobiko.

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