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about us

In the summer of 2016, the Nobiko dinner started in the Cafe Fatsch rooms, only one evening a week. Due to the large number of guests, the dinner was soon expanded to two evenings a week.

At the end of December 2017, the Café Fatsch collective disbanded and the rooms were free.

The three of us were all already active in the collective and had long had the idea of opening our own noodle bar. Now the opportunity arose to realize this idea here: An idea that was only theoretical for a very long time suddenly quickly became a reality.

Nobiko - noodle bar and café.

We have fresh, homemade udon noodles in many different varieties, in delicious broths, as curry, fried, in summer also cold with a salad, and much more.

In addition to numerous hearty dishes, we have a selection of different vegan cakes and pies every day, a combination that has been tried and tested from the collaboration between Cafe Fatsch and the Nobiko dinner and has proven itself very well.

In addition to enjoying cooking, it is also very important to us to create a pleasant working atmosphere for everyone involved in Nobiko. We therefore work as a collective in order to have work structures that are as free of hierarchies as possible, to be responsible for everything and to enable us to work independently.

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